Most of us have found ourselves in a place in life where we are struggling with emotional or relationship stresses and though we may solve these issues on our own, would greatly appreciate a professional who could help us more safely and efficiently move through to a better place in life. This is the role of a professional counselor or therapist. Counseling is a healthcare service (often covered by insurance) that is designed to be personally healing and growth directed. The therapeutic process facilitates growth by first helping one reach stabilization. Then work is done to pull apart and redesign needed areas at the individual and relationship levels to foster growth.

At the PCC counseling is about helping you reach and maintain a better balanced health and wellness.

The Pastoral Counseling Center of Flushing, a non-denominational, non-profit organization, has been established to meet the needs for counseling in a broad range of social and personal matters to a cross-cultural society. The Center is a community-based facility where professionals address the needs of the whole person, enabling that individual to adapt and succeed in a radically, economically, and educationally diverse setting. PCC provides counseling to individuals with personal and emotional difficulties, which includes, but is not limited to spiritual problems, alcohol and substance abuse, marital and family matters. Pre-marital preparation, personality temperament analysis profiles, and marriage enrichment inventories are also available.